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Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Notes to Start With

CASH ONLY - Please visit a nearby ATM before your tattoo.

What I won't tattoo: lettering, family portraits, tribal, Japanese, script, geometric, neo-traditional, American-traditional, Landscapes, Statues, Clocks, stairs, peonies, octopus, compasses, religious or large color-realism designs or lions unless previously discussed with me before.

18+ ONLY - You must be 18 with a valid, government-issued ID to get tattooed.

How often does Lady B Tattoo?
I do about 200 select projects a year. 
How much does a tattoo from B cost?

Ah, the infamous question of, ‘How much is *my tattoo idea*.’


Honestly, I wish I could answer it easily, but it’s a really tough question to answer without the correct information. A piece on a 6’8, 350lb, behemoth of a person is way more time consuming than a piece on a 5’0 100lb person. This is why you’ll fill out a form that requests the information I need. I try to eliminate as many variables as possible with the form to remain as accurate and quick as possible. 

You might have noticed in my social media postings that I tend to do larger pieces. That is usually true, however, I absolutely do smaller pieces as well when they fit into the schedule!

Is Lady B the right artist for me?

If you're not sure I'm the right artist for you and you send multiple consult forms to multiple artists, save me the time and energy of her responding to you and choose the other artist.
I am passionate and dedicated to giving the best of myself to my tattoos and clients.

Its best to give me a loose guide lines for a piece. The more specific you want to be and the more you try to put me in a box the less your piece will look like a unique Lady B piece and the less likely I'll want to work with you. Realism has limited options available because it works directly with actual photography. So that being said what you want may not be possible for my style. There is new technology out that gives me more options to create what you want with AI however, and it's best to still ask

Lady B's books are closed! What do I do?

The best way to give yourself the best chance at getting a tattoo from me is to turn on notifications for my social media. That way, your phone will notify you when I post for an opening or if my books open. My books don't open for very long and she doesn't want you to miss the window. For instagram, it's on the upper right corner on her page. The little bell next to the three dots.

My idea falls under exactly what you normally tattoo, why wasn’t I chosen?

The easiest way to explain how I approach things is through this Halloween Candy example. 


Imagine you head out on Halloween night for a Trick or Treat adventure. You come home and have an entire giant bag of candy and you think to yourself, oh man, I can totally eat all of these! Then your hopes are shattered when your parent says, you can only have 40 pieces of the candy.

Now are you going to just reach into the bag and eat the first 40 pieces you grab? Probably not. You're going to dump the bag onto the bed and grab all of your favorites!

But if you have a particularly rough Halloween night, and you come home with 23 pieces of candy and you still can have up to the 40 pieces, then I bet you'd eat all 23 pieces. Even if they were peppermints!


This is how I approach my booking process. I only have a certain amount of appointment times through each of the scheduling windows. So, it's never that I do not want to do your tattoo, it's simply that we fill the books quickly with the pieces we are most drawn to at that time.

How I handle new requests.

Once I open my books, I will leave them open for 48 hours or so and allow everyone the chance to send in an inquiry. I understand that people have work and lives and that not every one can make a first come first serve type deadline. So to be clear, I do NOT book on a first come first serve basis. I want everyone to have a fair chance. 

I have broken down my scheduling into easy chunks of time and some basic price quotes that can be given once I know a little more about the project you're wanting. There is obviously exceptions and variables that can affect final pricing and placement but hopefully if you made it this far, you have a better understanding of how things work!

Not every email gets a response. 

With the amount of emails that are received during the book opening periods, not everyone will receive a response. This does not mean that your inquiry was a 'No' but rather there just was not enough time in the schedule for the piece. I reset the inbox with each book opening, so resubmitting is definitely encouraged. If I see a name enough times, I try to make sure we can send them out a response.


Sun Exposure

Do you love being in the sun and get burnt often? Or you love to lay out and tan? Then maybe my work isn't for you. My work is detailed and can be delicate. Unprotected sun exposure is like a mini laser session on your tattoo. It softens and spreads the ink out faster. This by no way means you shouldn't live your life. Take care of your skin and tattoos and protect it with 50 spf or more every 2 hours if you're going to be in the sun.

Does I take Deposits?

Yes and No. I work on an honor system. No deposit is required to make an appointment when I am home. However, if you cancel or no show in less than 72 hours and want or need to reschedule, you owe half the remaining cost of the tattoo as a deposit and it comes off the back end. This deposit is non refundable if you no show or cancel again. This is not in addition to the cost of the tattoo but goes toward the total cost. When I am traveling for a guest spot or a convention, she has a non refundable deposit of $500.


I want a pet portrait done by Lady B. What do I need to know?

I am very choosy about the pet portraits that I accept. I prefer the reference photo to be high quality, professional photography and not just snapped with a phone when your pet is going at warped speed during a zoomie session. Pose and lighting is also a factor depending on the body part you're looking to place it on.


What kind of experience can I expect with Lady B?

Lady B has a relaxed, easy going, fun loving, nerdy personality. She often sings during her appointments or hums along to the music. If this is something that bothers you, bring headphones. She loves connecting with her clients and hopes to build lasting relationships.

I have a full day sit/hip piece/leg sleeve scheduled with B. What should I wear and bring?

If she is working anywhere near your upper thigh and onto your hip please bring a side tie bikini. There is a privacy shades to put up to shield you from the rest to the shop to make sure you're as comfortable as possible. Men, this includes you. You can buy a speedo if you prefer but its just going to get cut. Other options are a small towel, nekkid, or a robe. She personally don't have a preference. There's nothing you've got that she haven't seen. Also bring a pillow for under your hip and your head. The tattoo chair isn't terribly uncomfortable but anything longer than 3 hours and anyone will get a little sore. BRING SWEET SNACKS AND WATER! It's going to be a long day for the two of you and you want to keep your blood sugar up. She normally takes a lunch break on long days so you do eat but she is attacking your adrenaline and body with needles. It's a good amount of stress that you're putting on your body

Does she accept walk-ins?


New forearm info

I've noticed that the few arm sleeves I've done that smart watches no longer work on your tattooed wrist. This also goes for any forearm pieces. The ink can prevent a Galaxy Watch from figuring out when someone's wearing it on their wrist. In such cases, features like wearing detection don't function properly. Tattoos can confuse the sensor into “thinking” the watch is not worn. This can lead to other issues, such as fitness and health sensors not turning on.

​​​Can I bring my student ID?

No. You must have a government or state-issued identification, driver's license, passport, military ID, etc.

Should I fill out a consultation form?

Yes, the more information she has to begin with, the easier it will be to schedule your appointment.

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